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Project Slayers is a brand-new Roblox anime and combat game based in the Demon Slayer universe. The gameplay is largely decided by which clan you choose to play. Clans are unlocked by rolling, with spins, and are broken down into rarity categories that define how difficult they are to get your hands on.

This guide looks in detail at each of the clan's different passive skills and what sort of breath combos work well with their fighting style. We will keep this guide updated as the meta in the game changes.

We added some more information, a detailed tier list, as well as some answers to common questions right now - like is it worth rolling if you already got a Rare clan? And which Supreme clan is the best? Read on to find out!

Clan Tier List


  • Kamado
  • Agatsuma
  • Tomioka


  • Kocho
  • Shinazugawa
  • Ubuyashiki
  • Kanzaki
  • Urokodaki


  • Haganezuka
  • Kanamori


  • Nakahara
  • Terauch
  • Kaneki

We will update this tier list when there are changes to the game's meta, which is to be expected with a brand-new release like this. Different breath styles work well for each clan, too, so we will include some of the best combos below.

Every Clan In Project Slayers

Project Slayers Clan Tier List And Guide (1)
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Here's a closer look at every clan in Project Slayers and what their rarity, passive, and breath combos are. We also rate them on a Tier-list scale from S-tier to C-tier. We haven't included the common clans in our tier list, as their buffs aren't important really.

Supreme Rarity (0.1% chance to drop)

These are the rarest clans in Project Slayers, and therefore the best as well. We will update this section when we know more about these clans.

  • Kamado Clan
  • Agatsuma Clan
Kamado Clan Slayer Abilities Demon Abilities Universal Abilities Stat Bonus Other Info
Faster breath bar regeneration Immune to sunlight Resistant to pain - you will not get slowed when you're low on HP +3 Sword +3 Strength +3 Weapon +125 Stamina +140 Health +3 Block Bar You get an enhanced speed bonus of 5%
Sun breathing as a sub breath, a special state that lets you buff stats and increase your health bar Regeneration (Clan Skill) - you can use this to regen HP over a short period Indomitable Will - an AOE attack that will debuff enemy players for 20-30 seconds The chance of getting a Kamado clan is 0.05%
Pseudo Recognition - You can see other players item HP

The Kamado clan is one of the best clans in the game. The faster breath bar means you get to spam abilities a lot more quickly, and being able to see opponent's HP bars means you can pick the right targets to attack. Definitely an S-tier clan.

(Video) Project Slayers ULTIMATE Tier List | Breathing Styles, BDA & Clan.. Which One is The Best?

Agatsuma Clan Slayer Abilities Demon Slayer Abilities Universal Abilities Stat Bonus Other Info
God Speed Mode - buffs Thunder skillset, extra speed, and a quick dash. Lasts for 30 seconds N/A Indomitable Will - an AOE attack that will debuff enemy players for 20-30 seconds +1 Sword +2 Strength +110 Stamina +125 Health +1 Block Bar You get an enhanced speed bonus of 5%
The chance of getting a Agatsuma Clan clan is 0.05%
Party Buff Mechanics - You will get a special buff of +30 Health if there is a Kamado clan member in your party

The Agatsuma clan is also one of the best in the game - the god mode is sick! You get massive boosts and become deadly on the battlefield. This OP ability is balanced by low health and other damage stats. This is definitely the clan you want to be rolling for, might you have to sell your soul to get it.

What Is Better, Agatsuma or Kamado?

These are the two best clans in the game right now, but which one is best? We have to go with the Kamado clan. The superfast breathing regeneration means you can spam out those breaths very quickly, and the buffs you get are huge. Agatsuma's god mode is silly fun and very powerful, but it only lasts for 30 seconds before you need to wait for it to recharge. Out of the two, we've got to go for Kamado as the best clan in Project Slayers.

Project Slayers Clan Tier List And Guide (2)

Mythic Clans (1% chance to drop)

There is currently only one Mythic clan, the Tomioka. Here are some details about the clan.

  • Universal Abilities - Pain Resistance (does not slow down when hurt) and Indomitable Will (AOE attack that debuffs nearby enemies)
  • Breathing Technique - Dead Calm water breath, but not available yet
  • Stat Buffs - +3 Strength, +3 Sword, +90 Stamina, +100 Health

This clan is currently not one of the best picks in the game because some of its features are still missing.

(Video) Project Slayers Clan TierList and KAMADO CLAN GIVEAWAY

Legendary Clans (4% chance to drop)

There are two Legendary clans, the Kocho and the Shinazugawa. The Shinazugawa are a popular pick right now because of their buffs and poison damage to demons.

  • Kocho - Demons will die when they absorb you (pretty neat for your party members), you get discounts in Wen costs for purchasing potions and extra Wen when selling items and artifacts. Immunity to poison, double jump, and enhanced speed mean you're pretty difficult to bring down on the battlefield. This is a Support clan. A-tier.
  • Shinazugawa - Lots of party boosts if you are in a team with Himejima or Tokito clan members (a great buff for those starter clans) and you get a poison blood ability that slows down demons & if they grab you, they will lose half of their HP. A-tier.

Should You Keep Your Legendary Clan Or Roll?

Out of these two, both are pretty good options! Kocho is probably the best Legendary clan in the game, so if you do manage to roll it's a good idea to keep a hold of it. The double jump is really fun for air combos, and the enhanced speed is good for getting around the map quickly if you're trying to race to a Final Selection.

Project Slayers Clan Tier List And Guide (3)

Rare Clans

  • Ubuyashiki - double exp and Wen when training at the Butterly Mansion (you will need this to earn certain breaths, like Thunder Breathing), as well as +2 Strength and +20 Stamina. You will get a buff if you're in a party with another Ubuyashiki member (0.03 exp buff). This clan is good for leveling! A-tier for leveling fast.
  • Kanzaki - if you drop to below 50% hp, you will be able to breath more quickly. This is a fun clan if you love using breaths, which are the best part of Project Slayers really. Very combat-focused. Party buffs of 10% water damage reduction if you're in a party with another Kanzaki clan member. A-tier.
  • Urokodaki - Lots of buffs here, including a sight buff with masks which means you can see further, enhanced smell so you can track other players, and your footsteps are hidden and quiet when following someone. You need to be in a party with 3 people to get an extra exp buff. This is a sort of support class but also a stealthy and fun combat-focused class. A-tier.
  • Haganezuka - You can see others swords/item/claws HP. 20% boost when you sell items and artifacts. This clan is a bit boring and mostly plays as a support class, but you can extra Wen for more rolls. B-tier.
  • Kanamori - You get extra weapon durability and 50% off all sword repairs. This is an economy-focused class but overall not super fun to play. B-tier.

It's a difficult choice to know whether to roll off a Rare clan if you get one early! Unless it's Ubuyashiki (which is useful for leveling in the early game anyway), we would say it's worth rolling if you have at least 20-30 extra spins. You never know, you might end up with a Legendary, Mythic, or Supreme clan.

(Video) Tier 10 Chest FARMING METHOD | Project Slayers

Uncommon Clans

  • Nakahara - extra Stamina (+5) and extra 20 Health and 10 Stamina if you're in a party with Terauchi or Takada clan members. C-tier.
  • Terauchi - extra Stamina (+5) and extra 15 Health and 10 Stamina if you're in a party with Nakahara or Takada clan members. C-tier.
  • Takada - extra Stamina (+5) and extra 15 Health and 10 Stamina if you're in a party with Nakahara or Terauchi clan members. C-tier.
  • Kaneki - extra strength (+1).

Out of the uncommon clans, Nakahara is the best. This is because you get an extra +5 health over every other clan.

Common Clans

  • Sakurai
  • Fujiwara
  • Mori
  • Hashimoto
  • Saito
  • Ishida
  • Nishimura
  • Ando
  • Onishi
  • Fukuda
  • Kurosaki
  • Haruno
  • Bakugo
  • Toka
  • Izuku
  • Suzuki
  • Todoroki

These clans have NO buffs at all, although they are usually what you will roll all the time as they have the highest chance. We think it's fair to say that these common clans are all F-tier.

How Do You Get More Clans In Project Slayers?

Project Slayers Clan Tier List And Guide (4)

Clans are earned by completing spins, with the better clans rated at a higher rarity. We have included the drop rates below. You can earn more spins with codes, which you can get at our Project Slayers code page, as well by playing the game, earning Wen, and completing objectives to get rewards. You can also purchase spins directly with Robux, though we don't necessarily recommend that!

(Video) Selling my Kidneys + Limbs Till I roll Kamado In Project Slayers (0.1% chance btw)

To actually roll clans you need to:

  • Scroll down on the main menu to Customize
  • On the bottom right you can purchase spins
  • At the top right you will see the chances of getting each clan, like in the picture above

Is Project Slayers Pay To Win?

There are some players that are worrying that Project Slayers is pay-to-win, and while you can purchase spins with Robux to try and roll one of those Supreme-rarity clans, you are mostly fighting against NPCs anyway. Even if you don't want to spend Robux, you can grind out the game, and use codes, to get free spins.

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What is the best breathing style in project slayers? ›

Tier 1(Best)> Tier 2(Good)> Tier 3(Decent).
  • Wind Breathing: Tier 1.
  • Water Breathing: Tier 2.
  • Thunder Breathing: Tier 2.
  • Insect Breathing: Tier 3.
Aug 16, 2022

What does Tomioka clan do in project slayers? ›

Tomioka members can activate Indomitable Will, which debuffs players in close proximity for 20-30 seconds. They also gain Pain Resistance, which prevents the player from being slowed down when their health is low. As for the flat stat increases, Tomioka clan members gain: +3 Strength.

How do you pick up Riyaku in project slayers? ›

Tap and hold two fingers until two options appear on the screen. One of those two options includes a carrying feature. Get close to Riyaku and tap on the Carry option to pick her up. Fight the enemies by tapping on the L and R buttons displayed on the screen.

How do you get more damage in project slayers? ›

Explaining ALL The WEAPONS in Project Slayers - YouTube

How do you get wen fast in project slayers? ›

How to Get Money or Wen Fast in Project Slayers
  1. There are a lot of non-playable characters in the game who give certain tasks against which they offer Wen.
  2. Go to the Rice Farm and interact with Sarah.
  3. Pick up rice for her by going near the green spots on the farm. ...
  4. Deliver carts for Grandpa Wagon at his location.
Aug 10, 2022

How much wen do u need for wind breathing? ›

In order to unlock Wind Breathing, you'll need to fulfill the following requirements: Be at least level 12. Have at least 5,000 Wen.

How old is GIYU demon slayer? ›

Out of the nine Hashira, Giyu is considered the strongest Hashira at just 19 years old.

Is Tomioka clan good? ›

This clan is very useful for people that are looking for PvP or for people who like Water Breathing itself. Lunge and Shoulder Bash are pretty important moves, so you don't have to waste extra skill points to unlock them, you can use them on something else.

How do you become immune to the sun in project slayers? ›

While the Straw Hat is a pretty stylish addition to your character, it has an additional use for Demons in the game. In Project Slayers, the Demon race can't stay out in the sun or they will be damaged. This hat makes it so you are immune to the sun as a Demon!

How do you carry Riyuki project slayers? ›

How to CARRY on Mobile in Project Slayers *tutorial - YouTube

Is Sanemi a Marechi? ›

Like Kiyoshi, Sanemi is a marechi, but his blood is considered rarer than the average marechi. Because of this, the smell of it can intoxicate demons and disrupt their senses and movement speed. Sanemi always keeps his uniform open, as he is proud of his muscles.

How do you hold Riyaku? ›

To pick up or carry Riyaku on mobile, you need to press two fingers on the screen at the same time and hold it. This will bring up two buttons, one of which is for carry and the other is for executing. The icon of a person holding another on their back is the one you want.

How much does thunder breathing cost in project slayers? ›

Thunder Breathing

Go near the trainer and interact with him. Pay 5,000 Wen to the trainer.

How do you drop a sword in project slayers? ›

Dropping Money and Items

To drop Money in Project Slayers, you will need to click on the Wen icon on your screen. This opens up a withdraw amount text area. Click on the box and input the amount of money you would like to turn into an item and hit the Enter key.

How do you become a demon in project Slayer? ›

You can also buy a Muzan Spawn Pass for 600 Robux, which will show you the exact spawn location of Muzan at night. Once you find Muzan, talk to him to get a quest from him. You will need to complete the quest to become a demon.

How long is Betty cooldown Slayer? ›

Also, make a note that the cooldown period is 5-15 minutes.

How do you get 5k Wen fast in project slayers? ›

New FASTEST Method To Get 5K WEN In 20 Minutes | Project Slayers ...

How do you get the thunder breath in demon slayer RPG 2? ›

To get the Thunder Breathing, you have to go to the Rice Field (in the first houses), where you will find Zenitsu Agatsuma (master of this Breathing) standing in front of one of those houses and you will have to click for him to give your first quest.

How many breathing styles are there in project slayers? ›

Project Slayers breathing is a mechanic that becomes available to you after you reach level 12, and there are four types – water, thunder, insect, and wind.

Can you change your breathing style in project slayers? ›

As far as we know, the only way you can reset your breathing in Project Slayers is to purchase it via the shop menu with either Ore or Robux.

Where is the breathing style in project slayers? ›

To obtain any breathing style, you need level 12 and 5,000 wen, as well as the human race. You must then find the trainer of your chosen breathing style. If you approach a trainer with the demon race or a breathing style, they will say "Get out of my sight."

How much is water breathing in project slayers? ›

The trainer who teaches the Water Breathing ability is Sakonji Urokodaki. Urokodaki can be found inside the Waroru Cave. Go near the trainer and interact with him. Pay 5,000 Wen to the trainer.


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