Greddy Profec B Spec 2 User Manual (2022)

Jul 29, 2005 Ok, I searched, and didnt find anything useful. There are lots of info about the dsbc, but it is a little different for the greddy spec 2. Can anyone give. PROFEC B-SPEC2. ONLINE MANUAL (.PDF) 3.78 MB Based on the very popular B-Spec., the all new PRofec B-Spec. II's basic function to increase boost is as easy as the original, with an added built in boost pressure display and optional features like real-time, peak or last boost display (in either kPa or PSI). The greddy site has profec B spec 2 and profec A instructions. But no PRofec B spec instructions. Im really confused because at the low boost setting i turn the knob all the way to the bottom so there should be super minimal boost but it still pulls like mad. Im not going to lie to myself and believe my caris actually that good because i know somethings up. Its installed fine.


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(will be updated uponcompletion - need to get hoses set up to control solenoid)
Thanks as usual to and it's members for responses andarchived, searchable posts : )

Installing the Greddy PROFEC B IIon a 300zx is really quite simple and the Profec is also amongthe most simple of EBC's -- it gets the job done!

There have been numerous postsasking how to install the GREDDY. This is probably because theTECH document for install of the APEXI unit (APEXI Super AVCR INSTALL) ismuch more complicated and can confuse those installing the lessinvolved Greddy PROFEC. With the PROFEC, you only NEED to makeone wire splice (finding a 12V) and then run the Greddy wiringand vacuum hoses - also a cinch. You won't have to mess with theECU at all (no splicing into the ECU). The PROFEC B II takesabout 1/4 as much work as the APEXI. That said, let me now writeMORE THAN NEEDED about installing the GREDDY : )

Before I provide installinformation, including the ever popular 'where did you mountit' answer, I want to point out one thing about the PROFEC BII:

Greddy Profec B Spec Ii

  • The PROFEC boost gauge is a BOOST GAUGE only. It was not designed to provide an accurate VACUUM reading. When I set up my PROFEC, it was oly reading 8 in-hg of vacuum. I emailed GREDDY about this and they told me there was nothing wrong. You may also wonder if the unit is reading boost correctly -- since this is a digital gauge, it might be tough to see what you are actually boosting to. The unit will record your PEAK BOOST which you can look at after a run to determine what it is actually reading. RESET the Peak Boost reading, do another quick run, and and you can confirm PEAK BOOST for that run. The latest PEAK BOOST will remain in memory even if you turn off the unit.

So, before you feel silly forinstalling an aftermarket boost gauge and then install a PROFEC,don't feel too's probably useful to have an accuratevacuum gauge in the car.


(Video) Greddy Profec B-Spec II

Basically you are going to followthe writeup provided on for the APEXI unit, butas mentioned above, with less steps. There are a few other PROFECinstall writeups floating around - here is one. I'm trying tofind another one that I ran across so I can add that link. Hereare my thoughts on the process.


I ran the Greddy control solenoidwiring by starting up at the front of the car. I ran the'white clip' side of the harness through around theradiator, around the pass side strut tower (passing it underthings where I could), around the battery (I did not have toremove my battery), feed it through the hole by the side of thebattery, and then through the pass-side tire well harness entry(exactly as explained in the AVC-R writeup - you'll want toremove the ECU cover and the passenger side kick panel for accessto the wire from the inside). I decided to take an Exacto knifeand cut right into the side of the rubber grommet and feed thesmall line right through. From there, just locate the harnessfrom inside, pull the slack through from the inside and route itsafely up to the DIN unit. I have mine routed above all the A/Cplastic brackets above the ECU.

There was plenty of cable to reachto the DIN pocket with enough slack (maybe a foot) forcomfortable installation. If you need to extend the wire forwhatever reason, it should be easy to splice in some extra wire.

Now splice in the 12V power (red)from the Greddy harness into the clock harness (12V switched line- green). Connect a spade or ring connector to the ground (black)and make sure to ground it before putting the dash all backtogether.

Boost GaugeHose

Greddy Profec B Spec 2 User Manual (1)

If you already have an aftermarketboost gauge installed and you don't want to run a new vacuum lineto the PROFEC, you're in luck. 'T' into the existing line andjust run it to the PROFEC (see below). I cut the nylon hose to myAutometer and used small sections of 1/4' vacuum hose, a1/4' x 3/16' x 1/4' 'T', and two small zip ties tosecure the nylon hose into the 'T'. Then the 3/16' hose(4mm) supplied with the unit runs from the T, down along the fusepanel, then behind the driver's side carpet, and up to the centerconsole area. Make sure the vacuum line isn't loose around thegas pedal and able to interfere/get caught.

If the existing boost gauge hosehas a smaller diameter than the Greddy hose you run, you mightsee a very small pressure reading difference to the Greddy -- I'mactually have not confirmed if this is a fact -- let me know ifyou know. As seen above, my AUTOMETER gauge uses a very thinNYLON tube, which is a nice material for running through thefirewall. The PROFEC uses 4mm (~3/16'). The Autometer readsaround 11 peak PSI (analog) while the Greddy reads 10.5(digital). This difference is small enough that a) it doesn'tmatter enough to hurt anything b) the difference is in the gaugecalibrations c) it could just be my anolog gauge is reallyreading 10.5, not 11 : )

My Autometer nylon line is tappedinto the stock boost sensor hose for my signal to inside thecabin. I used to have it set up on the FPR line, but I found itannoying to get the oil dipstick out with the line tied in there.By tying into the stock hose, the connection is hard to see andout of the way. Three boost gauges on one line (stock, Autometer,and Profec). If you have any questions about how to get this linefrom the engine bay to the cabin, follow the BOOSTGAUGE install TECH.


(Video) Greddy Profec B Spec 2 Manual

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The wastegate vacuum hoses aresimple to reroute to the Greddy control solenoid. Unplug stockwastegate hoses connected to nipples on the intercooler pipesthat lead to the Throttle Bodies. Once disconnected, take a longlength of 1/4' hose, connect to one side, run around theside of the radiator and around the front, then around the otherside back toward the engine, and connect to the other nipple. Cutthe loop in half in front of the radiator, use a 1/4' 'T'and connect the ends you just cut. Then run a short line down tothe NO port on the Greddy control solenoid.

Then, with one of the originalhoses you removed from the nipples, attach a long length of1/4' hose using a barrel connector. Wrap around radiator andback to the other original hose and connect with another barrelconnector. Cut this loop in half like you did on the first, andconnect to another 1/4' 'T'. Run a short line down to COMport on the Greddy control solenoid. You can optionally removethe original wastegate hose and run a line all the way down tothe wastegate actuators, 'T' together in front of the radiatorand run a short line to the Greddy control solenoid.

Either use ZIP TIES or appropriatehose clamps to secure these connections. To see a great exampleof how the hoses should be routed, visit here.

Now unplug the wastegate solenoidelectrical connectors (one on each side of the engine).

It's honestly that simple!


I did a lot of seaching andflip-flopping about where to mount the unit. I like installationto look clean, but also be pretty simple with limitedmodifications to any mounting areas. I liked the idea ofinstalling it under the dash as done here (DEEP-PURPLE).This is probably the coolest installation I have seen. However, Idecided against it for a few reasons. 1) I had an airbag warningsticker on the left side that I didn't want to remove. 2) Ididn't want to cut off the lower dash plastic clips. 3) Althoughvery cool, the process looked quite extensive, requring time andprecision. Props to Deep-Purple for the good job, though!

Here's another GREAT idea -- buythis HKS DIN fascia! At $70, it's apretty penny, but sure would look good with the GREDDY units andsome gauge (Fuel Pressure or maybe a voltmeter : ) I assumethey'd fit.

Next I thought the stock clockarea would be good, as many have done. But my clock still worksand I figured I'd keep it there.

I decided to mount the unit in thelower DIN POCKET. I didn't want to buy and shape a piece of ABSboard or use up the entire space with the little Profec box. Ididn't like the way the unit looked sitting at the bottom of theDIN pocket (plus dust could settle on it that way). I also wantedit to be 'somewhat' hidden. So, I decided to mount itunderneath the upper lip of the DIN pocket, and I think it turnedout great.

I did some markings on the plasticand went to town with a DREMEL. I wanted it to look like it wassupposed to be there. I ground down a bit of the DIN finisher tocontour the PROFEC unit, as you can see in the two picturesbelow.

(Video) GReddy Profec B Spec II: PSI to KPA mode change

In the rear, I simply cut arectangle just bigger than the GREDDY for easier access to theplugs in the back (for the future). I hooked up all theconnections, inserted the unit from the hole in the back, madesure the vacuum tube wasn't pinched, and then used the THINdouble-sided foam supplied with the unit to mount it to the top.Once it goes on, it stays on. I wanted to push it back just a bitbecause it was a bit more exposed than I wanted, but the FLUSHlook is probably cooler anyway. I think the look is good, greataccess, and hard to get out (minor theft deterant). Thedouble-sided foam holds the unit firmly - doesn't move at allwhen pressing buttons. Also, by using the DIN pocket, if I everdecide I don't like the mount area I can replace the DIN pocketfor a few bucks and have things back to normal. I can still stuffa few couple CD jewel cases in the pocket, or a ticket fromHighway Patrol : )


I have not tuned my PROFEC yet asthere are some other issues I'm fighting right now - namely, poorpower/acceleration above 4500 RPM. My boost is setup up stockright now (boosting to 10.5 because of mods). I was boosting 15without detonation, but something funny is happening in the upperband. Once I get that figured out, I will actually put this thingto some use.

Anyway - here are a few links Ihave bookmarked for fine-tuning the PROFEC.

ASH: Recommended Settings

WHITEPEARLZ: Installation Guide and Beautiful Hose/Solenoid Setup



Based on the very popular B-Spec., the all new PRofec B-Spec. II's basic function to increase boost is as easy as the original, with an added built in boost pressure display and optional features like real-time, peak or last boost display (in either kPa or PSI). There are optional warning and boost limiter functions that can be programmed to offer much more control. The two presets values can be stored and are executed by a larger capacity inline solenoid valve. This unit does not require extensive programming and is ideal for low to high boost levels for single or twin turbos with actuator or external wastegates. The GReddy PRofec B-Spec. II is available in black or silver cased head units.

Guset User Download PDF. Publications: 93; Followers: 0. GReddy Profec B spec 2 Manual. Created Date: 8/14/ PM. Apx wax dab pen user manual. Category: All. 0. Embed. Improper tuning of the Profec B-spec II may cause damage to the engine. GReddy 3 Way Fitting Double Sided Tape Air Filter Instruction Manual. Please make. pdf · Greddy Profec B 3 Knob Boost Controller Installation Instruction Manual, M. pdf · Greddy Profec B Spec Ii 2 Boost Controller Installation Instruction.

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You don’t really need to know exactly what that means.

Greddy Profec B Spec 1 Instructions?

Don’t have an account? The new PRofec is compact, powerful and easy to use. Power Supply Harness Bb V RPM Setup on the main unit. See page 27 for throttle input signal setup.

Greddy profec-b – The PRofec also maintains popular features like, Lo, Hi, Scramble boost presets, last-boost display, peak-hold recall, warning alert and safety l The only two things that you can do to compensate is the following: Definitions and things you need to know before you start: Map Select Place check marks on the features you need to program.

(Video) Greddy Profec B Spec II Boost Controller

This page was last updated: This setup demands a certain amount of trial-and-error to properly configure it since you have to make adjustments, then drive under WOT Wide Open Throttle and see what the maximum boost pressure achieved was throughout the entire RPM range.

Before you begin, you should have an idea of what you’re aiming for. Page 2 Overboosting may cause damage to the engine. PEAK – – – – – Display the highest boost mnaual. Change boost pressure units to psi if so desired see manual. Save manual turbo boost controller to get e-mail alerts and updates on your eBay Feed. This Harness is used when controlling the ignition timing. Greedy a setting is changed, it will send it to e-manage automatically.

When the e and e-manage is linked, they are communicating at real time.

Greddy Profec B Spec 2 User Manual (2)

It is also good to have somebody in the car with you that can watch the gauge while you concentrate on not wrecking your car. Previous price EUR If there is no boost falloff, then go to However, setting it too close to the SET value will cause the boost to spike. This is available at any computer supply retailer. Our new search experience requires JavaScript to be enabled. Also See for e Instruction manual – 55 pages. Select this mode and input the desired boost setting. This is where the adjustment starts.

Then you can fine-tune it later to get it as close to the SET value as possible without causing the boost to spike.

GReddy e-01 Instruction Manual

Parts List Pressure sensor Valve unit harness Pressure harness 2. The combination of the new kPa Product Features Take Boost feature.

Greddy Profec Install

Pagination for search results. The next evolution of the GReddy PRofec line of electronic boost controllers is here! Got it, continue to print.

Profec B-spec 2

What’s missing? Tell us about it.

Solenoid Valve Harness Type: Once you have followed these steps, you will have roughly tuned your unit. Clear PEAK boost value see above. Page 53 Main Unit. Export Used to export all the data to the Main Unit. To do this, tune the unit to your desired boost pressure in fifth gear.

P will indicate phase 1 in the upper right corner of the display. Page 48 D-4 ADD. Best Match Best Match.

Greddy Profec B Spec 2 User Manual Download

Also see optional Profec MAP expantion pack for more features. Just to add something here Therefore, kPa will be displayed as 1. You should probably do this in a wide open area with no other cars nearby and preferably no cops. By pressing ‘print’ amnual you will print only current page.

(Video) Greddy Profec B Spec II

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