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If you’re a content writer, you knowhow important it is to calculate the number of words, characters, or lines inthe content. Not just the content writing, it is also important to keep a checkon the number of lines, words, and characters if you're writing a proposal oran e-book. Now, all of these forms of writing contain a larger number of lines,words, and characters that are impossible to count. That is why you need a linecounter that can prove to be more valuable than you think.

What is line counter?

A line counter is an online tool thatinstantly calculates the number of lines of your text. It will also show the numberof words and characters in your text. You may be wondering, why do I need aline counter? I can just count the lines myself. Of course, you can do thatwith small paragraphs or a couple of pages but what about an entire book? Canyou count the number of lines for an entire book? Not only just books, but youcan also count the number of lines of those pages you wrote because it issimpler and less time-consuming.


Line counter online is a tool thatprovides instant statistics about the number of lines present in your textalong with the number of words and characters. JustFreeTool's line counteronline will give you all the details regarding the number of lines, words, andcharacters. The minute you paste your text or type it directly into the textbox, this tool will give the results. You can also open the file directly fromthis tool by clicking on "open file".

This line counter is absolutely freeand you can use it as many times as you want to calculate the number of lines.With the help of this tool, you can also run a spell check! It does keepgetting better, doesn’t it?

Who is this linecounting tool for?

The line counter tool is for anybodywho likes to write. To be more specific, the line counter tool can be used by:

·Content writers







·Developers, andmany more


For writers, the line counter toolprovides everything they ask for! Let's see what this line counter has tooffer.

  • It can be used toinform us about the length of the content

To make your content optimized forGoogle and to achieve a high ranking, there is a certain word and line limityou need to abide by. This line counter helps in informing you of the exactnumber of lines and words present in the content, so you can make it SEOfriendly.

  • It can be used tocheck the quality of the content

The line counter helps you inanalyzing the correct number of lines for website content. Once you know howmany lines you have to write to make your content perfect, you can increase thequality of your work. You won't have to exaggerate or put unnecessary words inyour content to extend it. You will now be able to craft something amazing andworth reading for your readers.

  • It can be used toanalyze the size of the program

It is important for programmers toknow the exact number of code lines in order to start an application. Thus,this line counter can be used to provide just that. With the help of this tool,programmers will know how many code lines they need to generate to kick startan application.

  • It can make yourtasks a lot easier

You can count the number of linesmanually but that's going to take a while. Instead, why don't you use this linecounter to make things easier for you? It can save a lot of your precious timeand energy by counting the number of lines automatically.

  • It can be used toboost your business

If you're writing productdescriptions, it is essential to know how many lines you've written. Therefore,this line counter can not only help you in counting the lines but also informsthe optimal number of lines used to write product descriptions.

  • It can be used toedit the content

If you're writing a story or a poem,this line counter tool can be used to count the exact number of lines and wordsto give you an idea of its length. According to this information, you can scaleand edit your content.

  • It can be used totrim the essays

You may think that it is okay to write1,500 words for 1,200 words of an essay. It's just 300 more words, right?

For you, it may seem okay but for youreditor, it can be quite an exhausting task to edit that content if he or she isreceiving 5 assignments, all of which are exceeding the word limit by 300words.

So, instead of tipping off youreditor, you can trim your unnecessary long essay by using this line counteronline. You only need valuable information and cut the rest of it that can onlybe possible if you know the number of lines.


If you're the one who likes to write,a line counter tool is a must! Suffice it is to say that our line counter cancontribute highly to your workflow. This tool can work perfectly if you'retrying to meet the word or line limit for your essay, article, or any otherform of writing. If you're a website content writer, you know how clientsemphasize you on sticking to the word limit and if you're counting manually, itcannot only be time-consuming but you can also make some errors. Thus, in suchsituations, it is better to use line counter online to calculate the number ofwords, characters, and lines.

Who will findthis tool useful?

Anybody who likes to write can findthis tool useful. Teachers and students can use this tool to figure out theexact number of lines and words of an assignment or an essay. Content writerscan use it to make sure that they've adhered to the line and word limit forwebsite content. Developers can use it to calculate the number of code lines torun an application.

Thus, this tool can be used bystudents, professors, teachers, bloggers, essay writers, press reports,copywriters, news writers, and social media content writers.

How many linesand words can exceed or below and are still considered right on target?

Generally, there is a rule that youneed to write 5% more or lesser words than actually assigned. For example, ifyou need to write a 500-word story, you can write 475 words or you can go ashigh as 525 words. In the case of 1000 words, you can write 950 to 1,050 words.

Similarly, if you're writing a 3000words article, you can go as low as 2,850 words and as high as 3,150 words. Forall these words, it can be really exhausting to keep a count of the number of linespresent. In such times, our line counter can be considered a blessing.

How does the linecounter work?

The working of this line counter toolis highly easy to understand. All you have to do is copy-paste your content andthe results will automatically pop up.

You can also directly type your textin the required box or you can open an entire file directly. The choice isyours.

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