Character, Letter and Word Counter | Charcounter (2023)

Joseph Stalin

The people who cast the characters don't decide the subject, the people who count the characters do.


Thanks for this. I make skripts for minecraft and I always need to check if I have too many spaces. This is a really useful tool.


Thank you for this without this I would have failed my major exams and everything. I can't believe if I did not use this I could have failed. Thank You so so much.


Instead of doing my job, writing stuff. I'm sitting here reading comments without a reason but so do you.

Misc Practice

I love this. It measures the exact stuff.

kid from null

this is good i needed this to count the letters :>


Hi everyone!

It's been quite a while since I started to become a data encoder and never touch a platform to count characters, words, without white spacing except for paragraphs of course we can easily spot that of how many paragraphs.

Thanks for this awesome, and very helpful tool, and a free site of
I hope, one of these days and onwards, there will be a paid typing job offer for this site. I love to apply as a worker or data encoder or in the old days called it 'Typist'.


this is awesome it is great for practicing your typing skills and it is very fun.

Akshi Patel

I appreciate your idea of character counter. Its very user friendly and easy to operate.

not working

the 'without whitespace' doesnt include some zero-width characters:

‌‌⁠⁠⁠​​​⁠W⁠‍‌‌‍​‌‌E⁠​‌​⁠‍‍​⁠​ ​​​​‌⁠​​‌‍L‌‍‌⁠‍‌‍‌​‍​I⁠⁠‍⁠‌‍‍​K​‌‌‌⁠‍⁠‌‌‍​​E​⁠‍‌​⁠‌⁠ ‍‍‍‌‌‍‍T​​​‌​⁠​⁠‍⁠H⁠‍⁠​‌‌⁠​‍‌​‍E​​⁠‌‌​‍ ⁠⁠‌‍​​⁠​S‌⁠‌‌​‌⁠T⁠⁠‍‌‌‌⁠‌O​⁠⁠‌‍‍‌‌​‍​⁠C‍​‍⁠‌⁠⁠⁠⁠K‍‍​‍⁠‍​

counts as 174 characters


Very useful for counting characters for Reddit posts! Writing stories for various subs, I almost always encounter the character limit, and all other counters I find have small discrepancies that trip me up when editing. But this one is bang on!

I'll be using this counter a lot from now on :D


The "Without White Space" parameter is not just omitting space but also all other non-visible characters,
which is the exact functionality even I am looking for.
Thank you for this great too! it is really helpful.


Thank you for this, I was using to calculate spaces for an online legal closing arguments submission. There is a character limit and I am well within it.


Why include punctuation? Suggestion is to make it an option to count the punctuation or straight up take it out.


When I started SEO, I was told charcount was going to be my best friend.

It was true


Great site! It does one thing and does it well: count the chars I put into the lil box. Thanks for keeping this running!

Why lookin

Now can y’all stop complaining about why does this website have a comment section and just appreciate it for a second smh


useful but wtf why include punctuation

Scott Putnam

Been using this for years. The most elegant and simple tool I use.


eh pretty good word count it does count without space but i still have yet to find one that will not count commas, full stops those kinds of punctuation.

Not null

Why does this website have a comment section? lol


Max character count now made easy. This tool
was really useful, just leaving my trace


this is probably real. but it looks like the creator added some fakes to get more people.


These comments are so fake

Mr. Fiddle Sticks

the Shrek script is exactly 1653 paragraphs long and has 54351 letters. Finally after all these years....


Really useful, always a reliable tool for getting word-counts for exams


Why is there a comments section on this website?


Its easy and has been really helpful for my IoT development projects where I have character limits. This helps me keep track of the number of chars sent between nodes. Thank you so much!!


Excellent, easy design. Very helpful.


Absolute fantastic website.
Before using this, I had to use microsoft word for character count.
It's time saving


Good website, using it daily to be honest


is this comment system real


Would love a Twitter version where URLs are 23 characters regardless of length, and special considerations are made for line breaks, etc. Love this tool!


very clean, simple and comfy layout,
thank you very much, keep this simple :)


Really useful, always a reliable tool for getting word-counts for exams


Really useful, always a reliable tool for getting word-counts for exams


Wow, pretty cool.
But wait, why are two of comments exactly the same?

Hoang Nguyen

Really useful, always a reliable tool for getting word-counts for exams


This is so useful, the word counter on google docs include punctuation and space which is really annoying, but this tells you everything in detail. Loving the word counter...........


Really useful, always a reliable tool for getting word-counts for exams


Thank you for such a great and easy-to-use calculator, i needed the number of characters without spaces for translation and no other calculator had this function. It's already in my bookmark list.

Madilyn Kate Kellam

I love this word counter! It is so sleek and looks professional!


Use this multiple times a week. Thanks


this is a work of genius! keep on guys.


Great counter. Just, could there be an option choosing what specific you want to count? Like, if you want to count symbols or letters in the alphabet or number or, words? Frustrates me when I just want to know how many spaces or symbols there are.

Sanjit Majumdar

When did this launch? This one is super easy and helpful. Great work!!!


Gostei desse teste rsr


This is a super useful character counter. Useful and easy to use!


This is a really great character counter. Thank you so much for making it and having it as a public place. I love how you do not need a login or anything...


This is awesome! I can't believe that it would work so well!


Thank you for such a great and easy-to-use calculator, i needed the number of characters without spaces for translation and no other calculator had this function. It's already in my bookmark list.


This is a great clean app! Any chance for a save option in the future? In case of accidental page refresh or closing... It's so convenient to work in this app window to get my text down to the necessary size, but then I have to remember to copy-paste my text into another document often not to loose it.

Gaj (tozen)

Hello Anna, this feature is at the top of our to-do list.


I adore this wordcounter, and use it just about every day.It would be great if you had an optional two box layout, to count two sets of words at once for both comparison and adwords!

Gaj (tozen)

Hello Mikayla, thank you for your feedback. We aim to make charcounter as clean as possible. Did you try to open it in two separate windows?


This is the only character counter I use. I love how clean and responsive it is. Nothing but the essentials. Thanks!


I was using this to count chinese characters. It worked quite well except it counted the periods, commas and other punctuation marks too.

Gaj (tozen)

Hey Sky, please try our chinese version.


I really love this tool, but I was wondering why it always begins with one character and not zero?

Busy Ninga

Great! Really helped me! Such a good website


Didn't exactly help. I was trying to see how many of each character I had for a home decor project.

3 w's
18 e's


This is a great tool!


Thank you. This really helped me.

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